Every People Reached, Every Person a Patron (ROC 2019)

Every year in November, Manna Church hosts its annual missions conference, bringing in missionaries from all around the world to speak, highlighting local and global outreaches. This is Manna Church’s most important fiscal event of the year, as the conference serves as a way to raise money for the missionaries (“Ministry Partners”) that Manna Church supports. In addition to fundraising, the event encourages members to “Pray, Give, and Go,” a fundamental part of Manna’s vision for outreach.

EmployerManna ChurchServicesArt Direction, Illustration, Graphic Design, MotionYear2019Linkfayftbragg.manna.church

The goals for this project were:

  1. An identity that matches this year’s theme. It needs to feel exciting and special, as the ROC is an event that Manna members look forward to every year. This project is always exciting every year because it requires a lot of creativity, but gives a lot of freedom, as long as it supports the theme.
  2. A successful internal marketing campaign that conveys the “What, where, and why” of the event. This includes print handouts, and video announcements.
  3. A booklet that highlights Ministry Partners, communicates the budget for the year, and details instructions on how to give to support the Ministry Partners.

A challenge for this project was the theme. “Every People Reached, Every Person a Patron.” It was more wordy than previous years, and less clear. On top of that, the direction I received was basically “do whatever you want”. Sometimes that’s awesome to hear, sometimes it’s crippling. However, because I stick to my process, I believe I overcame the challenges and delivered a successful final product.

First I defined what the theme meant. I saw it as a very pure, heartfelt, simple desire to reach every people in the whole wide world with the gospel, and for every person in the church to help this happen. Supplemented with a verse from Genesis where God talks to Abraham of his future descendants- “Through you every family on earth will be blessed.”- I developed an idea. It seemed to me that the desire being expressed in the 2019 theme was being felt by some kind of “protagonist”- the YOU being talked about in the verse from Genesis. What kind of person is this protagonist? A patron, someone helping to do the work of reaching every people with the gospel.

In the video I storyboarded and directed, I introduce the “protagonist”- multiple people praying, giving, and going- Patrons of the gospel. We put out an open call and brought as many Manna members into the studio as possible, showing as many patrons as possible. The last shot is of a girl looking up, with the words “Through You” coming onto the screen. You, too, can be a patron. The goal of this video is to encourage the viewer to come to the ROC and become a patron.

The booklet further supports this idea. Ministry Partners are focused on in the images collected, to emphasize that they are patrons. The last page invites the reader to become a patron, it is a custom printed silver foil “mirror” with the verse from Genesis printed on top. The idea is the last thing the reader sees in the booklet is this invitation to become a patron.

I also made some custom Air Force 1’s for one of the pastors to wear on stage.

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