Every (ROC 2018)

Every year in November, Manna Church hosts its annual missions conference, bringing in local ministry partners and missionaries from all around the world to speak, highlighting local and global outreaches.

As the Art Director, my job was to create the visual narrative that united all aspects of the conference, from the promotional material, to the booklet, to the signage, to the on-screen images.

My idea was to pull on the narrative thread that runs throughout The Bible about God’s heart for reaching the lost. Taking inspiration from biblical elements, I proposed an image representing how The Bible predicts the end times in the book of Revelations: people from every tribe, every tongue, every people, and every nation surrounding the throne of God in heaven. Each swatch in the overall design is supposed to abstractly represent a different people group, while the throne is supposed to represent God.

EmployerManna ChurchServicesArt Direction, Illustration, Graphic Design, MotionYear2018Linkfayftbragg.manna.church

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