ROC 2018 Promotional Video

The Reach Out Celebration is an annual missions conference at Manna Church. The idea for the promotional video for this year was ambitious: to turn the narrative thread that runs throughout the entire Bible about God’s heart for reaching the lost into one 90 second animation.

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The script developed by the Creative Director was ambitious. Starting in the book of Genesis with the beginning of the world, and ending in Revelations with people from every tribe, every tongue, every people, and every nation surrounding the throne of God in heaven, verses were pulled from pivotal moments throughout the Bible to drive the narrative forward.

In a meeting with the Creative Director, I read through her script and drew up a sticky note storyboard with what I imagined the visuals should be.

Using the sticky note storyboard for reference, I drew up a more comprehensive storyboard.

After the storyboard was approved, I created an animatic to present to the lead team.

The music producer on staff was in the middle of producing a new Manna Worship EP, I asked him if we could use one of the tracks as the background music for the teaser. I made a rough cut of what the audio sounded like in my imagination.

The lead team approved the animatic, with few changes.

I proceeded to create the assets for the animation. I already had the main look sorted out (see the full project here), but there was still some exploration to do for the style for this animation.