Planet Mizbee Hybrid Board Game

Planet Mizbee is a hybrid space-themed board game targeted at ages 9-12. The purpose is to teach sustainability in a fun, hands-on way. The story is that a group of kids have landed on a new planet, Mizbee, and are in charge of working alongside Mother Nature in creating a new colony. Each player is responsible for making good sustainable choices in expanding his or her colony. This was a group project created in Game Creation Studio, Fall 2016, and was selected by the professor for focus group testing.

Planet Mizbee was selected for presentation at the 2017 Teaching and Learning Symposium at NC State University.

ProfessorEmil PolyakClassIntro to Game Design, NC

In coming up with the idea for this project, we did a lot of research into the three “E’s” of sustainability: Environment, Economy, and Equity. Our goal was to make a game that taught the concept of balancing these three “E’s”.

Our solution was a scenario where each player was building a colony on another planet, and in order for the colony to be successful they had to learn how to balance the three “E’s”.

We all collaborated on deciding how the game should be played, but each of us had individual jobs when producing the finished product.

I came up with the visual concept for the game. I knew that the game should look fun and exciting since it’s for kids, so I had the idea of making it look like an 80’s sci-fi space fantasy. I put together a mood board, created a concept character for Alien Mother Nature, and designed the logo.

My main role in this project was taking care of the digital component of the hybrid board game. At the end of each level, the player had to open up the app and choose the correct level. The player would then be presented with a hypothetical scenario that he or she must use answer, and the answer would determine how many points that are gained or lost.

For the look, I was inspired by 80’s album covers, utilizing a triangle and grid motif on top of a galaxy background.

My group was composed of Madison Tart, Bethany Cantrell, Isabel Hennes, Zoe Winton, and myself.