Knowing God

In the middle of 2020, my part of the country was in lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and Manna Church streamed services online. It was uncertain whether Manna Church would still be around after the pandemic was over, already at this point in the pandemic churches were shuttering. In the midst of this uncertainty, Manna Church brought it back to basics, and preached two series back to back called Knowing God and Experiencing God.

EmployerManna ChurchServicesIllustration, Graphic Design, Motion Design,Year2020

The goals for this project were:

1. A cohesive look that embodied the meaning of Knowing God and Experiencing God.

2. Shareable graphics for social media for Manna members to invite their friends to online service.

3. A bumper to play before the message that set the tone.

For me, producing the artwork for the marketing for this series was personal. I leaned into the feelings I experienced with my own meetings with God. I chose a twilight encounter for Moses’ encounter with the Almighty- where the sun goes down, it gets quiet and the only thing left in the world is you and God.

Shortly before the series Knowing God was concluded, leadership announced we were following up with a series called Experiencing God. This last minute switch up is rare, and I had to adjust the plan accordingly. I worked with the Pastor of Weekend Experiences to adjust the design for Knowing God, and freshen it up in a way so it was obvious the two series were separate, but still related.

During Experiencing God, we were producing a small post-service interview segment as a part of our online service. I had the opportunity to speak on this segment about my process in creating the art for this sermon series.

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