2020 Vision

At the beginning of each year, Manna Church sees an uptick in first time guests. Likely due to new years resolutions, it’s important to run a successful external marketing campaign so when people are searching for a church, they choose to visit Manna. This is the sermon series used in the external marketing campaign at the beginning of 2020.

EmployerManna ChurchServicesGraphic Design, Motion DesignYear2019

The goals for this project were:

  1. A cohesive visual identity for the sermon series. This includes images for screens, and a bumper video played before the sermon is preached.
  2. A successful internal and external marketing campaign. Internal via video announcements played during services. External via a mailer, a billboard, and an ad played on TV during our yearly post-Christmas TV service.

For the video, I wanted to convey the energy that this new year was a fresh start. I wanted it to feel like the text was dancing to the song.

My favorite part of the video was animating the eye chart exploding, it felt to me like it tied the idea together.

In creating this look, I spent time collecting different examples of what 2020 vision could be. I liked the energy of visual distortions like chromatic aberration, and collected a lot of examples of that. I really liked the idea of an optometrist eye chart, but it felt overdone, so I wanted to do a fresh take on it.

After presenting a list of ideas, we settled on the eye chart- but a distortion of it. I ended up “exploding” an eye chart in After Effects, scattering letters from an eye chart in 3d space.

Some screenshots of my illustrator file from brainstorming the idea.

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