TEN Talks Promotional Video

This sermon series at Manna Church was a play on the TED Talks brand- TEN Talks because it was about the Ten Commandments.

The information from the lead staff came be summed up as this: 1. This series should have a professional and educational feel, and 2. The series would focus on the practical applications of the Ten Commandments in today’s world, comparing them to a “roadmap to a successful life”.

The promotional video I animated sought to capture those two elements.

EmployerManna ChurchYear2019


Taking the information about the series, and the look I developed that can be found here, I drew up a storyboard.

The Creative Director thought the idea could be simplified, so I came up with another option.

The Creative Director liked this idea better.

Here is a screen recording of my animation progress while working on this project.

I animated the map opening, then used a camera at specific angle to get the map to be in isometric space, and precomposed that.

Then I animated one map marker and precomposed it, copying it 9 times so I could have 10 different roman numerals. In each precomp, the marker appeared, then disappeared, and I used time remapping in the main composition to control the timing.

Then I placed the markers on the map, and animated the dotted line with trim paths. Then I parented everything to a null object to simulate a camera slowly zooming out.

Picking the music was tough. I wanted something that sounded inspiring and intelligent, without sounding corporate. I found a trailer from a TEDx Talks event in Buenos Aires that I loved the background music for. I showed it to the music producer, and he composed an arrangement for me to use in this video.