Sermon Series Identity

A big part of my job at Manna Church is branding and producing the marketing campaigns for Manna Church sermon series. Before each 6-8 week long series, there is a big advertising push with components including print invites, handouts, social media posts, advertising videos, and more. I am responsible for creating all of the necessary visual components for a sermon series at Manna Church.

EmployerManna ChurchServicesBrand Identity, Motion Design, Print + Layout DesignYear2018, 2019

TEN Talks: Accelerate Your Growth

The first step in designing the look for a sermon series is understanding what the series is about. This series was about the Ten Commandments, and understanding them as a roadmap to a successful life.

I kept two things in mind creating this look: 1: the lead staff wanted a look based on TED Talks, and 2: the actual content of the series.

I did my own take on the TED Talks logo by changing the word and adding the map pin-drop. This reference to a digital map would allow further map references in other promotional materials such as the promotional trailer and social media posts.



Every series has a promotional trailer that we use across social media channels and during service announcements.



For this project, I researched how TEDx Talks events are generally marketed, as TEDx Talks events are independently organized and have their own identity systems that expand on the main TED brand.

I ideated ways to expand on the main TED brand in my sketchbook, then I took those sketches into Illustrator to flesh out my ideas.

I presented options to the Creative Director, and working together from the presented options we came up with the final design.



Here are two storyboards I presented to the Creative Director. The second storyboard is the one that lead to the final product.



UnMute: Learning to Hear the Voice of God


Afterlife: Heaven, Hell, and How to Go there


Easter at Manna

Celebrating the Easter Season at Manna Church is a big deal, and the quality of the marketing gets bumped up a notch. This year, the lead staff wanted to emphasize Christ’s passion and suffering (for a frame of reference, think of the movie, The Passion of the Christ).

To me, when I thought of passion, I thought of the way paintings express the heart of an artist, how they express passion and suffering in a beautiful way. I proposed that we base the look around a series of expressive art pieces. I presented how art museums keep the design elements in their marketing materials minimal in order to point the attention to the showcased art pieces and the feelings they express.

For this series, I had the opportunity to create a series of 7 art pieces, and used those pieces at the center of my designs.



The painting of Jesus was the first painting I did. It was the most important one, as it would be used the most prominently. It took many attempts to get it right.

I painted this in Photoshop, using Kyle Webster’s wonderful Realistic Oils brush set.



The storyboard I presented to the Creative Director.