Tackling the growing problem of digital addiction in children.

This project was a collaboration with a cross-disciplinary team, applying what we learned about in our UX Design studio to a real-life problem. The product was a hi-fi prototype for an app that combated digital addiction in adolescents. Our solution was an app centered around a digital animal companion that encouraged the child user to spend less time on their device and more time doing real-life activities.

ClassUX Design StudioYear2017

Hi-Fi Wireframes

How I contributed

This project could be thought about as having 2 phases: 1: ideation and user research, and 2: creating the hi-fi prototype.

For the first phase, I played an equal part in ideation and research as my teammates.

For the second phase, we split up creating the hi-fi prototype into separate tasks. For example, one teammate would work on creating iconography, another would choose fonts and colors, etc. My main contribution to the team during this phase was creating the companion character we used in the app.

Here is my final character design.

A few of the rejected designs.

Our Process

Here is a presentation detailing the results of our research, user testing, and design thinking in approaching our wicked problem.