A Beautiful Mind Kinetic Type

The prompt for this project was to pick a short, 30-second quote from a biopic, and animate it in Adobe After Effects. The animation had to be based on research done on the subject of the biopic. I chose the biopic “A Beautiful Mind”, a movie about the mathematician John Nash, Jr., and the quote I chose was one that highlighted the sweet relationship between him and his wife.

ProfessorMike BissingerClassSophomore Studio, NC StateYear2016

Before I started sketching out any ideas, I did a lot of visual research, trying to decide what my style should look like. I pulled imagery from the West Virginia Mountains where Nash was born, the number patterns and equations from the movie, and old photos of Nash and his wife. In my research I stumbled upon some collage art, which can be seen in my mood board. My final product ended being heavily influenced by those pieces.

I put my inspirations into a mood board.

I had this idea of two people sitting with a distance between them, and one bridging the gap and grabbing the other’s hand. I thought the idea of connecting and discovering love was an important aspect of the quote.

I created the storyboard based around this idea. I adjusted the concept to be a place, where the landscape would be filled with the moon and stars of the West Virginia mountains, and I shaped the story around these two characters.

I took some creative license with the storyboard, I used the shapes of the panels to help me visualize what the animation would look like in motion.

I then created an animatic in After Effects.

Since I was still learning the software I took the animatic as an opportunity to experiment with how everything should be animated.